The 8 Foot Musician in the 40lb Gown

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8"x10" image professionally printed on Archival Premium Luster Paper, combining the best qualities of glossy and true matte for luminous prints with an ever so slight sheen. Framed. 

Model: Emily Cross (@crossrecord)
Wardrobe: Stardust Vintage (@stardustvintageatx)
Makeup/Pic/Styling: Jackson Montgomery Schwartz (@jxnart)

JXNART (an umbrella brand for my multiple art forms, pronounced Jackson Art) is about empowering people to showcase their authentic spirits through collaborative creation. I spent too many years having to hide who I was, and in Austin I’ve found the community and acceptance to truly be me, while pursuing what I love. I strive to extend the same acceptance I’ve found by fostering an environment of mutual creativity. It is such an honor to work in a medium that encourages playfulness and colorful self expression!

Who I’m looking to work with: eccentrics, artists, professionals, lgbt+, up and coming brands, fashion designers, musicians, bold personalities, drag queens, sex workers, models, icons, kind souls, people who share my obsession with color, and individuals who are passionate about advancing their dreams. Authenticity is beauty. Everyone is welcome and encouraged!

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