Queer Tastes
Queer Tastes
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Queer Tastes

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Betty was a small girl when her father died, and she went with her mother to live with a wealthy maiden aunt.

It was there that little Betty was first introduced to the delights of sex by her aunt's two voluptuous and horny maids.

She showed great liking for subtle feminine caresses, so that by the time she was fourteen she had become a real expert. It was at that age that she went to a small private boarding school. 

The school was situated in a converted mansion in the heart of the country, and the joint owners were two spinster sisters with another mistress called MISS Shirley Woods to assist them. There were some twenty girls in the school whose ages ranged from thirteen to seventeen or so. 

Betty was delighted to discover that they were all most happy to know the intimate knowledge and delights which she had to impart to them. The joyful art of cunt-sucking soon became favorite activity with all the girls.

It was the very attractive Miss Shirley Woods, making a routine inspection of the room, who surprised Betty in the act of masturbating herself. With the idea of humiliating the girl the mistress made her come to her private room every night and repeat the act in her presence. But, far from humiliating Betty, the prearranged plan soon had a most disturbing effect upon Miss Woods herself. She became so excited by the actions of the masturbating schoolgirl that she was prompted to exhibit her cunt too. First with the flimsy covering of her small panties and later in the full glory of complete bareness.

Eventually, the overwrought mistress abandoned her self completely. Her hand went down to her exposed cunt and she followed the example of her erring pupil in her finger-fucking.


Betty grinned happily at the wildly excited woman sitting opposite her. She was contented in the knowledge that her deliberately hot behavior had paid off at last. The attractive Miss Woods had finally succumbed to the young girl's sexy movements with her cunt.


Although a full grown woman, Betty knew that the frantic woman was now putty in her hands, with which to do exactly as she wished. Miss Wood's erotic nature had finally broken to the surface in an uncontrolled display of masturbation in order to relieve her suppressed emotions.


“You wicked girl,” she cried, rubbing her pussy vigorously. “Look what you have made me do. Oooh! This is awful!”

“No, it's not, Miss Woods,” grinned Betty. “It's simply wonderful to finger-fuck like this. And you must be honest and admit it.”

"Ooooh! all right,” gasped the mistress. “Alright... I... do... I DO! IT'S WONDERFUL... IT'S WONDERFUL... AND I'M GOING TO MAKE MYSELF COME... AAA-HUH!”

Betty, a long-standing and skilled practitioner in the art of finger-fucking, knew all the subtle ways of prolonging the mounting pleasure for as long as possible. But her older companion was in such a frantic state that she neither knew nor cared about these subtle niceties. Her fingers worked feverishly in the squelching crevice of her cunt till her trembling body twitched and jerked under the powerful influence of a strong orgasm. 

Betty was still rubbing her own naked twat as she watched the creamy love-juice ooze out of the mistress's swollen pussy. In fact, she was offered a clear view of this delectable sight, for the satiated woman withdrew her hand with a happy sigh, and sat with her legs wide open.

A beautiful fat cunt brimming over with delicious juices and thick cream. This was too much of a temptation for Betty.

Without removing her active fingers from her own twat, she dropped to her knees and greedily thrust her face between the widespread thighs of Miss Woods.

The mistress was too dumbfounded to say anything or make a move. She just sat there and stared stupidly at the fair head of the young schoolgirl who was avidly licking her cunt.

The velvety softness of the warm twat and its juicy contents against her lips and tongue acted as a pep drug on the excited girl. Her greedy mouth sucked and dragged upon the thick, projecting cunt-lips while her darting tongue slid this way and that in her pussy probing deeper and deeper all the time.

The astonished mistress was given no time to even protest against this cunt-fuck behavior on the part of her pretty pupil. Betty's cunning tongue had already begun to stir up all the delicious feelings once again. Miss Woods gave a little moan of joy and abandoned her whole body to the creeping flood of ecstasy engendered by the pretty mouth of the kneeling schoolgirl between her legs.


The advice offered had little meaning to Betty. Her mouth was pressed against the soft lips of a lovely naked cunt and she fully intended keeping on till she had extracted all the love-juice wanted from it!


Clutching the back of Betty's head fondly against her twat, Miss Woods closed her eyes in ecstasy and quivered like jelly. At that precise moment she was past caring about anything in the wide world except the fulfillment of her pussy.


Betty was glad that she had just finished rubbing herself off before the woman's climax arrived. She herself had both hands free to grab the bare thighs of the mistress and hold them tight on either side of her head.


It was a staggering orgasm which she pumped into the girl's happy mouth. The biggest and most abundant come that Miss Woods had ever experienced. The wild intensity of it shook her rigid. She was bucking like a bronco while Betty's head clung between her trembling thighs like a leech.

Betty sucked it all down and never missed a drop. And even when the main thrill was over, she pulled the mature cunt open with both hands, and cleaned it out with her tongue, like a greedy little boy with a pot of jam.

For a moment or two, mistress and pupil remained where they were, both with faces flushed and breathing heavily after their love-play. There was shining moistness around Betty's mouth which she was savoring with the tip of her tongue.

Suddenly the mistress seemed to recover her full senses and to realize her danger of being discovered. She jumped to her feet and ran across the room to turn the key in the lock of the door.

Betty turned her head and smiled indulgently as she witnessed this rather futile precaution. To her, it was very like the silly adage of 'locking the stable door after the horse ran away.'

Miss Woods' charming face was still very flushed as she heaved a little sigh of relief and returned it to her pretty pupil kneeling on the floor.

“Now,” she exclaimed, “Make yourself comfortable on that sofa Betty dear. I am going to make some cocoa then I want to have a very serious talk with you.”

“Okay, Miss Woods,” replied Betty with a cheerful smile.

A little later the cocoa was made and the mistress and her pupil sat Side by side drinking it on the sofa.

“And now, Betty,” said Miss Woods, “I want you to promise me never to say a word to anyone about... well, what has occurred in here tonight. And I mean NEVER, you understand.”

“Okay, Miss Woods,” replied Betty, nonchalantly, “If that's the way you want it. But I think you are going to miss an awful lot of fun.”